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Reiche Community School - Kevin Brewster, Chris Keegan, Lori Bobinsky -Lead Teachers

October, 2012 Reiche TLS Update

Our second teacher led year is underway! We had a smooth opening and are off and running. We have already had national visitors and expect more as the year goes on.

Our very active Parent Organization has created a Reiche PTO website and a Reiche Community School facebook page! This year they held the 5th Annual Reiche International 5K Road Race and flea market which raised over 10,000 for After School Enrichment!

We began working on our sustainability structure last spring and that work continues. We are working with NEA's Ellen Holmes who has worked with us since last year and she has been AWESOME! We feel confident we will be able to sustain this teacher led structure for years to come. We have the framework and are working out the finer points. We are looking at a 3 year rotating structure which will involve a year of "shadowing" before taking on a role. Ellen is also facilitating "Building a Collaborative Culture" with our staff. She has been invaluable in this work!

March, 2012 Reiche TLS Update!

The staff at Reiche have been very busy this year. Our transition to TLS has been lots of work and a learning experience but we are a happy, hard working staff!

To quickly update our community and anyone following our journey on this wiki I would like to share where we are now. As per the School Committee requests, we conducted surveys of staff and parents in November. Both surveys were incredibly positive with both groups scoring in high 90 %ages with agree or strongly agree responses!

The End of February, as per SC request, we took a staff vote on whether we wanted to continue as a TLS or begin a search for a principal and return to the more traditional model. The staff overwhelmingly voted 92% to continue as a TLS! We are on our way!

We would again, like to thank the Portland Education Association, especially President Kathleen Casasa, and our Central Office administration, particularly, Superintendent Dr. Jim Morse who both have always had full confidence in our ability to be teacher led!

Reiche Community School - A Teacher Led School in Portland Maine!

July, 2011
We are very excited to be the first public, teacher led and teacher governed school in Portland and in Maine! As of July 1, Reiche no longer has a principal. Instead, we have lead teachers, a leadership team, and 4 standing committees. Our leadership model was developed as a result of our "year of exploration". The four committees were formed before school ended, June, 2011. Every educational staff member is on a committee (teachers and ed techs/facilitators). The 4 chairs of those committees, along with the lead teachers, 2 parents, a CO rep and a PEA rep will make up the leadership team.

After a rigorous interview process, our interview team, made up of teachers, an ed tech, parents and our superintendent, Dr. Jim Morse, hired 2 half time release lead teachers. All 5 candidates were exceptional. Congratulations to Kevin Brewster, kg teacher, and Chris Keegan, special education teacher. They will teach 1/2 day and perform day to day administrative tasks 1/2 day. Teachers will be hired for the two 1/2 time release positions. This fall the staff will consider a 3rd lead teacher position with no release time, instead this lead teacher would receive a stipend for summer work and work outside the school day. Lori Bobinsky, our literacy coach/data literacy specialist, applied and was interviewed, should the staff support this position. For this summer, Lori has agreed to do the work and will be paid with district funds.

Check back here for further updates!